Web Design

At Infofuturo we will develop the type of web site that best suits the needs of your company or business. You will be able to offer your visitors an effective, fast and easy access to your services or products.

In addition to the following classification, we also offer other types of services such as web audits to analyze errors in projects that have not reached their objectives, and outsourcing services.

Corporate Website

We will design your web portal and also thanks to our own control panel, you can self-manage your website with a personalized management area, where you can change texts, photos, add sections to the menu, send newsletters, make surveys, put video and image galleries, create private areas and registration … thousands of possibilities available.

Custom Web Pages

Our web programming projects are customized in the most complete way, through solutions that meet the real needs of our customers, providing a customized solution expandable at any time.

Online Shop

We design online stores that work, that communicate, that sell, that generate loyalty and that help you build a strong brand through the internet, seen as a new additional sales channel to your current business or as the only commercial solution for your business.

Blogs and Magazines

We design your blog just the way you want it… Your opinions, photographs, comments, your whole essence will be reflected in this virtual diary called BLOG, where more and more readers come to receive advice from expert bloggers and amateurs in different subjects.

Reserve Centers

We offer a powerful Central Reservation System, which brings together the offer of one or more services within the same web portal, allowing the user to book and pay for the service with total comfort and with all the guarantees in the reservation.

Multistore Pages

We offer you the possibility of developing a great project within the online stores market. A multistore platform that allows grouping within the same web portal, the offer of several physical stores.

Coupon Websites

We develop discount coupon platforms, which group different products and/or services, offering them at a lower price than the market price.