Digital Marketing

At Infofuturo we optimize your company’s web project, with the objective of improving its visibility in the results of the different search engines.

The first step to understand the value of this concept is to ask yourself the following question: “What is the use of having a website, if I have no visitors?“, this is how the positioning work arises, which aims to bring your project closer to that user who surfs the net and that in the end we want to go from being a potential customer, to become your real customer. There are many tools to achieve this objective, but not all of them are necessary and it is even less necessary to use them all at the same time. Adequate planning of the process is therefore required, so that the investment is as effective as possible and resources that could be used for other criteria are not wasted.

In the following phases, the approach changes: Can we talk about “Online Loyalty”? Of course we can, here come into play social networks, news sections, blogs and everything that keeps you in direct and continuous contact with your customers. You can tell them about your events, your company’s achievements, your offers, or that product you have just launched.

As you can see, in Infofuturo we not only develop SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and COPY positioning works, in addition to all this we do something that is very important for us; WE ADVISE YOU, so that the investment you make meets your expectations.


From our headquarters in Asturias, we carry out national and international SEO work.

We are a Google Partner and that sounds great

But not that it sounds good, it means that our staff knows what they are doing. Not all companies can be members, you have to meet a series of requirements both monthly and annually.

We know the platform, its techniques and tricks and we also have direct contact with google to solve any problem in the account.